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Machined or pressed ceramics ?

Advanced ceramics parts can be obtained by different methods : moulding, pressing, green machining, diamond grinding...The choice of one particular route compared to the other will depend upon various criteria.

The manufacturing of ceramics starts with powders. These are formed either by pressing, injection moulding (CIM), extrusion, tape casting… and then fired at high temperatures well above 1200°C - sintering process. The ceramic material forms litteraly up during that sintering process and acquires its final properties. This densification stage of the material goes along with a reduction in size - shrinkage - that alters the original dimensions.

The final geometry of the product can then be achieved by various methods depending upon the required precision. If the tolerances are loose, as-pressing or as-moulding may be sufficient, or additional machining before sintering can be operated when the material is still soft and easy to machine. When required tolerances are tight, the part will have to be finished after sintering by diamond grinding because the material has become extremely hard.

Microcertec is involved in the manufacturing of components both :

  • by pressing and green machining (before sintering) at its Cerafast facility in Bazet (south west of France) which was acquired in 2017 by Microcertec Holding. Cerafast is now fully integrated in the Microcertec organization. It mainly offers as-fired technical ceramics products, of precision and small dimensions. It has controlled, experienced and reliable manufacturing processes from raw material incoming up to the finished product
  • by precision grinding in our 3000 sq. meter facility at Microcertec - group historical company - located in Collegien (in greater Paris area). Our experience in ceramic materials comes from the days of being a subsidiary of Morgan Crucible group. We offer a comprehensive experience in high precision grinding, ultrasonic machining and laser micro-machining. We also have a diversified offer with metallized and brazed ceramics