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Precision machining of ceramics

In the field of technical ceramics, it is quite often that the manufacturing of components with tight tolerances requires high-precision machining by grinding, ultrasonic machining or laser micro-machining after sintering. Our facility Microcertec S.A.S in Collegien is an expert company in this field.

The advantages of precision machining of technical ceramics components are :

  • production of prototypes and small quantities with no expensive tooling
  • achievement of specific geometries
  • achievement of tight tolerances
  • repeatability and uniformity of dimension and geometry features batch after batch
  • cost-effective when the added value is in the precision grinding rather than in the manufacturing of the as-fired part.

Our equipment at Microcertec comprises of manual, automatic and NC diamond grinding machines – surface, cylindrical, centerless, honing, milling-drilling, lapping and polishing.

We can offer a full range of dimensions and tolerances with the variety of machines that we have :
  • a few tens of millimeters up to several tens of centimeters in length / width and outside / inside diameters
  • dimension and geometry tolerances as tight as less than 10 µm or even less than 5 µm depending on the dimensions of the part
  • flatness of one light band – 0.333 µm
  • surface finish as low as Ra 0.1 µm depending on the advanced ceramic material.